"NO KAKA" is an International Patent for dog and pet owners in general. An innovation in the field of environmental hygiene, both human and animal.

The necessity of a product that would change the way of collecting canine poop and other waste prompted us to create this unique poop collection disposable. 

NO KAKA encourages every dog ​​and pet owner, to pick up what most people have avoided so far. Why? Because it provides a much more easy, touch-less, eco-friendly and fun way to do so!

"NO KAKA" is a very simple and easy to use recyclable paper disposable system. It is functional, lightweight, easy to transport and the user will pick up the waste without having to get in direct touch with it. 

"NO KAKA" is the perfect solution! In a pleasant, intact and elegant way, the dog owner, using this system daily, will now do his duty, to his fellow citizens and, of course, to the environment.Public spaces (parks, squares, etc.), streets and all those that do not have a pet, will no longer come in contact with an unhealthy and unpleasant sight.

"NO KAKA" constitutes a relief for the pet owners (why continue to pay fines?), public health and the environment.

With few very simple steps"NO KAKA" is ready in just 3''!

Kids love it! Putting together "No Kaka" is like a game for them!