"NO KAKA" is a World-Patent Invention used for canine waste collection.An exceptional product that offers a very clever, original, civilized and eco-friendly solution to the problem of collecting dog poop and can put an end to this community problem.

This unique, disposable carton pan made from 100% recycled paper, makes the intact collection of poop easy for our four-legged companions, following the European and World Disposal Guidelines to entirely prevent the use of plastic!

Eco-Friendly!  100% from recycled paper! 

We are proudly encouraging the world use of 100% eco-friendly disposable products! No need to "feel" the canine waste anymore! Using "NO KAKA" prevents the direct contact with the waste and that awful feeling of plastic bag! 


Using "NO KAKA" our lawns, streets, squares and parks will be kept clean and healthy and our beloved pets will be loved even more!

We say NO to plastic! We use 100% recycled paper and collect the waste of our dog with the smart shovel "NO KAKA" to have NATURE, ROADS & HANDS CLEAN!

"NO KAKA" is the only fun solution to the Canine Waste Problem!

In Greece more than 30 Municipalities already trust "No Kaka". The use of "No Kaka" diminished approximately 70% of the canine waste pollution in the streets and the parks of each town.Everyday more City Councils order "No Kaka" for their community or try to enrich the "No Kaka" network of their cities. 
"NO KAKA" is Eco-Friendly
"NO KAKA" is Eco-Friendly